Outtake from a great photoshoot this weekend!!!


Outtake from a great photoshoot this weekend!!!

Pictured here is Leigh Moose’s assistant and coordinator Meredith Reed.  We all had to load scarves up over our shoulders at some point during the shoot!!  🙂  The silk was flyin’!!
This was the first photoshoot I’ve ever had, and it was such fun with Side Yard Studios!!!
Come see my collection at Redress Raleigh’s 5th Annual Eco-Fashion Show on March 23rd, and THEN, come to the Marketplace on the 24th!!!
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From last night’s show!


Colleen Ann Guest exquisitely modeling the sarong from the previous post!
I didn’t have the time or presence of mind to take photos myself… this is from her camera phone, even!!
I had a great group of models… Not only did they do a fantastic job, but they turned out to be great ladies that I really enjoyed, admire and respect! I hope to keep in touch with them as friends!