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Living Colour at Lincoln Theatre!!!

To continue from the post¬†with photos of The Veldt, here are photos of Living Colour I took…

I saw Living Colour back in 1988 (I think), at The Brewery in Raleigh. It was a super great, but TINY venue for shows. You couldn’t do any better than that show!!! It was such an amazing performance… it felt like a HUGE rock show, at the same time a very INTIMATE one. It was well worth my eardrums taking a few days to recover!

My recent oversight, however…I didn’t realize that Living Colour was still releasing albums. Plus, being nearly 30 years later, I didn’t really know how well they would still sound! So, yeah… It turned out to be a highlight of my year! You’d never know it wasn’t still 1988 from this performance!!

Only two distinct differences:  Their new bassist is Doug Wimbish. And Corey and Vernon have considerably shorter hair cuts.

The talent in those guys is still immense. I wasn’t familiar with Wimbish, and I’m in absolute awe now. The spectacular sounds he gets from a bass is jaw-dropping.

Also jaw-dropping was Will Calhoun’s drumming and percussion. Just as Wimbish did, a roughly 7-minute segment was his solo, and time to demonstrate his range. I wish I could have gotten more photos of him drumming. That’s the unfortunate thing about photographing from the audience. He brought out an electronic, hand-carried drum at the end of his segment. It was a beautiful sound. And the joy on his face, playing it, was contagious!


The show was on Halloween (a Tuesday this year!!) at Lincoln Theatre.

I’m just practicing and having fun with an old camera… hoping to save up and justify my getting an updated one!


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