Shibori in Indigo workshop at my house!

A couple weekends ago, I had a workshop teaching some Shibori in an Indigo dye vat. Honestly, we ALL had more fun than any of us thought we would!!! I’m so grateful for eager participants!!  😀

We had it on our back patio, with a couple fans for a breeze. It wasn’t too bad, actually!!!

I’m planning another on August 5th.
I’d love to open it up to the public, and I LOVE to get to know new people….   But since it’s at my home, I would prefer to keep it to people I already know, and their friends.  I really appreciate the understanding… If you’re a customer I know, a friend, or a friend of a friend, here’s the sign up link:

Come learn from me! It’ll be fun!!!

Just a reminder!!
Register asap!

March 21-22:  Batik 2-day workshop at Pullen Arts Center
Learn Batik from me in this 2-day workshop.
Loads of fun in a creative environment.  No experience necessary.
I will provide all the materials so you can make two 8″x54″ silk scarves of your very own!!
Three ways to register: the listing on page 23 of the Leisure Ledger for details:

March 28:  Shibori workshop at Gather in Cary
Join me to learn Shibori techniques in this super fun, hands-on class!!!
Shibori is a Japanese technique of binding, stitching, and clamping fabric to create pattern when dye is applied. Loosely, you could call it “Japanese Tie-dye”.
Register here:


New Intro to Batik classes added!! Sign up now!!

YAY!!!  I’ve successfully taught two “Intro to Batik” classes at Ornamentea in downtown Raleigh, and everyone has had a great time!!!  Including me!  It’s so much fun to see what people create!!

You can go to the site online.  Just scroll down to the Batik Basics portion.

But for your convenience, I’ve added the direct links to each class date below!
Here are the dates…
Tuesday, July 15, 5:30-8:30

Sunday, August 10, 12:30-3:30

Tuesday, August 26, 5:30-8:30

class image

So, ya wanna wear a scarf, but don’t know how to tie it???

So, ya wanna wear a scarf, but don’t know how to tie it??? WELL!!  I may not be the expert on the tying, but I sure know where to find the ways!!
There are lots of YouTube videos out there, but my VERY favorite, most helpful, and most entertaining is by Wendy’s Lookbook.


Another is Scarves dot Net.  They have a lot of photos for lots of specific styles of scarf, including head scarf tying.


Try it, you’ll like it! They’re all really easy after you do it a couple times, anyway.
And to top it off, you’ll impress people with your technique!

Indigo is the most interesting dye in the world

Indigo is fascinating… It is pretty much a LIVING dye bath. You have to take care to keep it active and healthy.
I haven’t used it in decades, and am super excited to give it a try again!
It’s really cool… In brief, you put the fabric carefully in the dye which is actually yellow-green, not blue… making sure not to agitate and add air… When the fabric comes out of the dye, it is yellow-green.  When it’s exposed to air, the indigo oxidizes and you see it slowly turn that perfect blue!!
I tried dyeing a piece of silk fuschia-red, and clamped shaped wood slices into it and the coolest thing happened…. The areas not bound turned either dark indigo or green. Yes, green!!
Enough chatter…. Here are pics of my fun day!!!




That blue jacket you love & how it came to be! :)


New “toys” for making patterns

I got these beauties from Suzannah’s Antiques and the surrounding antiques dealers today.