A very successful, fun, and exhausting weekend!!

Last weekend was a busy SATURDAY.  I crammed two big events into one day.  I’m not sure how I did that… being motivated to help out a good cause sure motivates!  I sure felt it the next day.  Some kind of an adrenaline hangover if that’s possible.

First was The Handmade Market.  Definitely one of the very best I’ve been part of.  I think that everyone that attended was extra excited to see so many fabulous artists!!  There were a lot of cool vendors.  A new one, The Zen Succulent, was set up next to my spot.  Margaret and Megan had the coolest air plants, Japanese moss balls, and aqua terrariums!!!!  The Japanese moss balls they had were so perfect and round, and were 5 and 25 years old…  and they let me hold one!  Very cool stuff!!

The day had yummy coffee, food, and the best 60’s and 70’s R&B!!  You’d look around, and both vendors and customers were grooving, dancing to the music all day!  Such a great vibe.  The Handmaidens really know how to put on a fantastic event.  It’s a gorgeous space, they prepare things so perfectly for the vendors, had the BEST poster for any show ever, the best people volunteered, and there’s just so much mutual appreciation and love for other artists and vendors.  Not a jealous or negative bone in the building!!

So, that was from 10-5.  Right after I packed up, with the help of my dear boyfriend, I walked across Moore Square to Marbles Kids Museum for Activate Good’s Couture for a Cause.
I had created two garments to be auctioned off with Hospice of Wake County as my inspiration, to bring attention to that non-profit, and raise money for Activate Good.  One was a Ready-to-Wear jacket.  The other was an Art-to-Wear piece.  My RTW jacket brought in the highest bid of the category!!!!  My ATW piece was a longer jacket with a luna moth designed into it.  That one went for the second highest bid of that category!!  I am so excited!!  It was such a rush… so exhilarating!!  What a feeling to inspire people to give to a nonprofit I feel so strongly about!!!  My model, Marissa Magnusson, was incredible, energetic, and a total love!!!  I hope we work together again!!!!

There were some other gorgeous pieces there!  Ford Bowden & Kim Ring and Claudia Corletto did some beeee-eautiful work!!  My particular favorite was by my friend Margo of Rocket Betty designs.  She was designing for The Art of Cool.  She stitched actual paper sheet music into the bottom of the dress and at the shoulders, and even stitched about 680 crystal rhinestones in by hand!!!!  She’s pretty amazing.  She kind of saved my butt, too, for the show.  Since my first piece was a waist-length jacket, and whomever was bidding on it was to expect to go home with the WHOLE OUTFIT…. Margo created a super chic black shift dress to wear underneath!!!  It was stunning.  I never could have pulled that off as well nor as quickly as she did.  I definitely feel she’s in part responsible for the great bid on my Ready to Wear look.

I have some wonderful friends.  I heard the girls from Redress Raleigh and Carrie Reuben cheering in the audience.  And one of Margo’s friends, Lori, was there, too, and she’s been very sweet and supportive and I consider her a lovely new friend.

There is a lot of encouragement and there are positive people around me.  Every day, I am aware how lucky I am.   Thank you, readers, too!!!!


Pre-show photos by Raleigh Static Jason Rizzo

The last photo is Margo with her Art to Wear dress on her model Shelby.

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Clothes with Heart

A very lovely blog by friend and Redress Raleigh member, Carrie.

Green Thread

Fashion season doesn’t wrap in Raleigh until one special show comes to town. Couture for a Cause is an annual event that matches local designers with local non-profits to create garments that represent the organizations’ missions. It’s a unique show that highlights hometown talent, a few worthy causes, and it’s happening tonight.

One of the biggest reasons I like this event is because it’s about more than leggy models and expensive couture. Many of the designers have personal reasons for supporting the organizations they choose, and they’re using their talents to give back. This week, I spoke with Kim Kirchstein of Leopold Designs who will have two pieces in the show supporting Hospice of Wake County.

Kim grew up in a home with physically handicapped parents — her mother with Polio, her dad with MS — and while it was tough when she lost both of them to their…

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Sneak peek from the photoshoot for Couture for a Cause…

Jason Rizzo of RaleighStatic took photos of my Art to Wear and Ready to Wear pieces for the auction brochures and judges’ booklets for Activate Good’s Couture for a Cause event November 9!

Also, thanks to Marissa Magnusson from Models for Charity for being the perfect model for my pieces!!!
I’ve chosen Hospice once again as my charity to inspire my looks.  I feel really strongly about them.

Here are some shots I took of the photo-shoot with my camera phone!!

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Thank you, thank you, and thank you, too!!!

Thank you to everyone that came out this past weekend for Pop-Up Sunday!!!
Here is a SUPER SWEET recap from the lovely Tracey Johnson!!!!

Thank you SO much to Ornamentea, Carolina Rollergirls, and RA Jeffreys for everything they all did and always do to make each Pop Up Sunday wonderful!!!
Tracey’s Mom came through in a WONDERFUL way, too, donating a LOT of fabric for people to dye up!!  😀

And Michael Blanchard from Hospice of Wake County was a total joy to meet & get to know!!!
BIG thanks to my extra awesome niece, brother and sis-in-law for the help!!! I love you all tremendously!!!!!

And if you missed it the first time, please read why this event was so important and special to me.

Arashi fresh out of vat dye stuff Galen's shirt before untie Galen's shirt after untie Tracey's fabric Tracey's Mom's shirt hearts booth Hospice table Michael POP

I post a lot to Instagram, too…

So, new to my website, I put an Instagram feed at the left side of the page.  Check that out occasionally.  It’s a lot of “work in progress” photos….Like I do here, but typically they’re different photos.

Here they are, just to start you off, and introduce you to what I’m talking about.

Have a wonderful week!!! Despite the rain, the temperatures are divine!!!!!

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So, ya wanna wear a scarf, but don’t know how to tie it???

So, ya wanna wear a scarf, but don’t know how to tie it??? WELL!!  I may not be the expert on the tying, but I sure know where to find the ways!!
There are lots of YouTube videos out there, but my VERY favorite, most helpful, and most entertaining is by Wendy’s Lookbook.


Another is Scarves dot Net.  They have a lot of photos for lots of specific styles of scarf, including head scarf tying.


Try it, you’ll like it! They’re all really easy after you do it a couple times, anyway.
And to top it off, you’ll impress people with your technique!

Indigo is the most interesting dye in the world

Indigo is fascinating… It is pretty much a LIVING dye bath. You have to take care to keep it active and healthy.
I haven’t used it in decades, and am super excited to give it a try again!
It’s really cool… In brief, you put the fabric carefully in the dye which is actually yellow-green, not blue… making sure not to agitate and add air… When the fabric comes out of the dye, it is yellow-green.  When it’s exposed to air, the indigo oxidizes and you see it slowly turn that perfect blue!!
I tried dyeing a piece of silk fuschia-red, and clamped shaped wood slices into it and the coolest thing happened…. The areas not bound turned either dark indigo or green. Yes, green!!
Enough chatter…. Here are pics of my fun day!!!