Happy 2015, everyone!

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday, no matter what holiday it is you celebrate!

I’m excited to start this year off with a big push in productivity!!

I’m thrilled and honored to be in some amazing boutiques in Raleigh!!
First, I’ve been part of NoFo for a few years now.  I love that place… it’s a go-to stop for me for fun, unique gifts for birthdays and baby showers, and just a wonderful place to escape with my imagination.  PLUS they have a flipping amazing restaurant/cafe downstairs!!

Next up is new for me since the fall!!  Galatea Boutique in Seaboard Station, across from Logan’s Trading!  THIS shop is a landmark, in my opinion.  I remember going there when I was in college, with my Mom, checking out the super groovy clothing and accessories they have!!  The ladies who own and run the shop there, too, are lovely, unique women!

Finally, one of the newer shops in the area, but absolutely one with a following already, and a simply marvelous, energetic owner and staff… Nora & Nicky’s in downtown Raleigh. I’m tickled to be part of their shop and their enthusiasm.  Plus, they’re now part of the Redress Raleigh community!!

So, be sure to check them all out.  Beyond the fact that every one of my scarves is individually created, I’m designing so each boutique is carrying a somewhat different color story or style than the other.

Have a photo of a Leopold Designs piece to share?  I’d love to see you!!  Please feel free to share it or email it to me to post!