Elf Fair and Boylan Art Walk THIS weekend!!

It’s THAT time again!!!

The Carrboro Elf Fair on Saturday, December 6th, and the Boylan Heights ArtWalk on Sunday, December 7th!!

Saturday, come to the ArtsCenter in Carrboro for the 8th Annual Elf Fair! I love Carrboro and the people that frequent the ArtsCenter. It’s always full of true creativity and warm smiles!

On Sunday, at the Boylan Heights ArtWalk, come find me set up on the porch of 410 S Boylan Street.  This historic ArtWalk is in its 22nd year!!  It’s a tremendous event, with exceptional artists lining the streets and porches of charming and scenic Boylan Heights.
Definitely a show NOT to miss!!

Yes, I will want a nap all day on Monday… but this will be so worth it.  These are two of the best shows (aside from The Handmade Market!!) I do, and I am SO fortunate to be part of each year!


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