Couture for a Cause, 2014

I am thrilled an honored to be designing two looks — one Couture, and one Ready-to-Wear — for Couture for a Cause this year.

Each designer has a nonprofit they get inspiration from, and then create two looks to represent that nonprofit.  The pieces are auctioned off to the highest bidder, and go home with that person right away!  The money raised goes to Activate Good, who serves the community by gathering volunteers to work with various nonprofit organizations in the Triangle area.

This year, I will be highlighting Triangle Family Services.  They have been around for 77 years; originally established after wartime to help soldiers get home to their families. Currently, TFS serves people of the Triangle area find financial security, emergency housing, counseling of all sorts, and safety for themselves or their family.  Please read up on their website.  
I visited their office today, and have an immense amount of respect for them.

I am THRILLED that the amazing, exuberant Diana Cameron McQueen will be modeling these looks for me!!!

You can support this event by purchasing tickets for the live auction, and also participating in the silent auction!  Our designs will be judged by three people on a panel that night.  ALSO, there’s an audience/people’s choice award; so I’d love it if you attended and voted for me!!  The prize is having an online portfolio designed and hosted for a year.  I’d really love that!!

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