Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!!!! (whatever you like to celebrate!!)

No matter which holiday you celebrate (there are many this time of year!), I hope everyone has a wonderful day off and gets to play, relax, hang out with friends or with family! 
I love the smell of pine and twinkling lights.  And after a couple days of nearly 80 degrees, it’s thankfully pretty darn chilly out there right now!!
I’m going to spend Christmas with my special guy for the first part of the day, then we are going over to my brother’s family’s house for the afternoon and evening.  They’ve invited friends over to share in the fun, so it will be a great time! 
See everyone next year!!  2014 here we come!!!Image

Thank you!!!

Thank you all who have come out to support me,  either by buying something I’ve made or just showing up to show support & make me smile!!!  It’s all so appreciated!!!
I’ve had a wonderful season of shows and have enjoyed every bit of each show!! 
Big thanks, too, to the organizers and volunteers for each event. You are what makes each show hum along so well!!


BIG weekend THIS weekend!!

Here we go!
Friday, from 6 until about 8:30 or so, I will be at my NEW space in The Carter Building, at 22 Glenwood Avenue, Studio 11C.  It’s really easy to find… Just follow the stairs in the parking lot up to the pink door on the left!  I’ve strung some holiday lights on the railing, so you really really cannot miss it.
This building is chock full of amazing artists, so you’ll have plenty of other artists to check out while you’re there.  The Carter Building is on page 2 of the First Friday Raleigh map: http://www.godowntownraleigh.com/_files/docs/final-july-december-first-friday-map-and-guide.pdf

On Saturday, from 11-4, I will be at the Carrboro ArtsCenter for Elf: A Holiday Craft Fair!! It was a pretty phenomenal turnout last year, and thoroughly look forward to it this year!! https://www.facebook.com/events/207812176063134/

Then Sunday!!  From 12-5, I will be at 410 S. Boylan for the Boylan Heights Artwalk!  Always a Raleigh favorite, it’s in its 21st year!!  Admission is free!  There will be some food for purchase, too, if you think you might be there a while!  🙂