Sneak peek from the photoshoot for Couture for a Cause…

Jason Rizzo of RaleighStatic took photos of my Art to Wear and Ready to Wear pieces for the auction brochures and judges’ booklets for Activate Good’s Couture for a Cause event November 9!

Also, thanks to Marissa Magnusson from Models for Charity for being the perfect model for my pieces!!!
I’ve chosen Hospice once again as my charity to inspire my looks.  I feel really strongly about them.

Here are some shots I took of the photo-shoot with my camera phone!!

1395198_10151704692860779_819582399_n 941834_10151704691865779_2072111783_n 482406_10151704691940779_1302658351_n 1377479_10151704692095779_1779511359_n 1377558_10151704692255779_2137934767_n 935534_10151704692425779_1133467836_n 559720_10151704692695779_1190529966_n

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