Indigo is the most interesting dye in the world

Indigo is fascinating… It is pretty much a LIVING dye bath. You have to take care to keep it active and healthy.
I haven’t used it in decades, and am super excited to give it a try again!
It’s really cool… In brief, you put the fabric carefully in the dye which is actually yellow-green, not blue… making sure not to agitate and add air… When the fabric comes out of the dye, it is yellow-green.  When it’s exposed to air, the indigo oxidizes and you see it slowly turn that perfect blue!!
I tried dyeing a piece of silk fuschia-red, and clamped shaped wood slices into it and the coolest thing happened…. The areas not bound turned either dark indigo or green. Yes, green!!
Enough chatter…. Here are pics of my fun day!!!




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