TOMORROW!!!! Redress runway show!!!!!!

I’m SO excited!!  Oh…And still working my derriere off styling/how to dress my models in the sarongs (wrapping/tying), and also still making new pieces for the Marketplace that’s on Sunday! 
Tonight at midnight is the last time to buy your tickets for the Conference during the day Saturday and/or the Fashion Show Saturday night.
Buy them online:

(Just follow the links whether it’s the conference or fashion show you’re buying tickets for)

HUGE thank you’s and kudos to the super cool chick that’s made the jewelry for the runway tomorrow!!!
Mood Swing is Kristen Randall. She’s a Raleigh artist that does the most amazing work. I’d call her style a bit bohemian, but with a vintage touch, using natural materials, crystals, and found objects such as vintage jewelry pieces & buttons, clock keys, & fabric trimmings.
Keep an eye out for these beauties on my models and on me & Kristen tomorrow night!!

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