Here’s a slideshow I made recently

Here is a slideshow I made recently.  To be honest, it was put together pretty quickly, but I think it might be a fun thing for you out there to see once or twice.
There’s a segment in the middle of this of part of my process from pinning fabric on the table through steaming on the stove.
And there are a LOT of photos of pieces still on my work table.  I like those a lot.

Current Inventory – November 21 – MORE coming soon!!

This is the CURRENT inventory.  I will be making more in the next week & half.

That blue jacket you love & how it came to be! :)


From last night’s show!


Colleen Ann Guest exquisitely modeling the sarong from the previous post!
I didn’t have the time or presence of mind to take photos myself… this is from her camera phone, even!!
I had a great group of models… Not only did they do a fantastic job, but they turned out to be great ladies that I really enjoyed, admire and respect! I hope to keep in touch with them as friends!