A great Saturday!

I was part of the Glenwood South Global Fare organized by Legacy Event Planners on Saturday.
It was a gorgeous day, and a lovely event, and there was a good crowd steadily throughout the day.
I really enjoyed some incredibly appreciative & sweet people!!! I really felt their genuine appreciation of what I do. One sweet lady also said she wanted to buy a scarf not just because she liked my work, but because she simply liked me, too. That was so touching!
Another lady was just so intoxicatingly thrilled by one particular scarf, she left me smiling for at least a half hour!!
I’m always totally SPENT after doing craft sales, but I almost always meet some good people. This was the best of that, yet!
I know, I know… I’m gushing!!






My calendar for the fall/winter

Sunday, October 7 – dTown Market at The Carrack Modern Art Gallery

Saturday, October 13 – Glenwood South Global Fare

Saturday, October 27 – Redress the Dead fashion show

Saturday, November 3 – The Saturday Market at Rebus Works

Saturday, November 10 – The Handmade Market

Friday, November 16 – “Fashion a Better World”  – Featured artist

Sunday, December 2 – Boylan ArtWalk 2012 – Artist Vendor