New “toys” for making patterns

I got these beauties from Suzannah’s Antiques and the surrounding antiques dealers today.

Where AM I?

Where AM I?
I’m beyond thrilled to announce…I have SEVERAL of my scarves in Epona & Oak!!  They are one of my favorite shops in all of Raleigh.
So, that brings my placement for Raleigh to FOUR lovely establishments, and one NC online business!!
Anvil Gallery, Gypsy Jule, NoFoEpona & Oak, and NC

WHAT am I doing?
NOW, I’m actually completely out of stock… which means I’m getting cracking on making new pieces!  So, if you see me, check my hands… they’ll most likely be speckled with dye.

I’m also working on this blog, and hopefully linking it to selling online.  I’m investigating a few e-commerce techniques, and hope to be able to “open shop” in the next couple weeks.

‘Til next time!